A short story about NDA told in drawing

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We are finally ready to show you our newest information material!

It’s a short story that tells the true story behind my reasons for founding NDA. It’s presented in drawing in a small, printed folder, which has been folded as an accordion (just close your eyes and imagine it when you look at the drawings :-) ).

The text is in Danish (sorry to our English speaking followers) – but the drawings seem to tell a story themselves even without the text.

We will be sending the folder to Scandinavian Fashion Designers – asking them to help tell our future story by supporting our work for young mothers and children in South Africa.

Thank you to Mie Dinesen and Frida Foberg for making the very sweet drawings, to Louise Friis Blomberg for making order out of chaos and to Elaine Lusher for accompanying me to the printer in the rather dodgy areas of Cape Town.




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