Copenhagen Fashion Week – A sustainable focus

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Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner and again this year CFW will have a focus on sustainability. Therefore, we want to dedicate seven days to our designers, which we are very grateful to cooperate with. By teaming up with us the designers get the possibility to use their unsold garments for a good cause and in a sustainable way. It is their surplus stock and collections that are to be sold in the not-for-profit shop NORDIK in Cape Town, that represent Nordic design, sustainability and quality. All profit is used to help young mothers and children in South Africa to get an education and break the bad circle of unemployment and poverty.

Each day starting January 26 we present one of our seven designers, tell their stories, inform about their brands and their reasons for supporting NDA. It is in NDA’s interest to highlight and contribute to ensure that sustainability and a social responsibility continues to be a core value in Nordic design. We require that our partners focus on the development of Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which guarantees that they constantly work to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations. ENJOY!

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