Fashion Fundraisers

We sell the donated clothes from the designers at our own events in South Africa. 
We call the events Fashion Fundraisers.

A Fashion Fundraiser is a one day pop-up shop mainly run by volunteers.

It’s a longer process to prepare for an event.
First, volunteers in Denmark collect, sort and prepare the clothes from the participating designers  to make it ready for shipment.  Next, the clothes is packed and loaded onto a ship heading for Cape Town. The transport from Copenhagen to Cape Town is carbon neutral through our investment in carbon offsetting projects.

In Cape Town the clothes goes through customs. When released, it is unpacked, sorted, steamed and organized on rails – and finally, ready for the event!

The hard work culminates in a festive shopping event, where we open the doors to the public and give local South Africans the chance to shop for a good cause.
All profit from the Fashion Fundraiser goes straight to the ‘Girl Game Changer’ program.

Pictures from previous Fashion Fundraisers in Cape Town and Stellenbosch.

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