Young Female Entrepreneurs

The Young Female Entrepreneur programme; ‘CreativityWorks’, is one of the projects that will be implemented at the Arts and Skills Development Centre.
The programme has been developed by Nordic Designers Aid in collaboration with Stellenbosch University, and we are still working hard to raise the funding necessary for the start up and implementation.
The mission with the programme is to empower adolescent girls and teenage mothers through education and income generating activities.

By learning the craft of jewellery and metalshmithing at the ‘Arts Department’ at the University of Stellenbosch the girls get a chance to create an income for themselves and their children – and consequently break free from a life marked by poverty and gender discrimination.
Target group
The target group for this programme is adolescent girls and teenage mothers between 17 and 25 years of age. We focus on girls who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, but are determined and motivated to change their future for the better.
The target group will be identified with help from our local partners.
The educational program:
In cooperation with our creative partner, the Arts Department at the University of Stellenbosch, we have created a basic course that takes two years to complete.
The goal with the course is to teach the girls basic, practical skills of jewellery making, such as stone setting and metal technique. The necessary practical training, which is needed in addition to the teaching at the University, will take place at a workshop put up and managed by NDA and our partners in Grabouw.
Because the training takes place at University level it is a requirement that the girls have finished their Matric when entering our programme. We do however emphasize driving force and an interest for learning new things as the most important values. High grades are therefore not a strict requirement.
Another longterm plan is to offer courses in apparel design as well.
The goal is to open a workshop and a studio in Grabouw where the women can continue to develop their skills and create an income for themselves and their families by designing and making jewellery.

NDA will run the workshop as a social-economy business where all profit is put back into the programme and the social work for the young mothers and their children.
The workshop will be a creative space making room for the creation of jewellery of high quality and made by sustainable materials. Through NDA’s affiliation with Scandinavia we also plan to establish cooperations with Danish jewellery designers and stores. The jewellery will be marketed both in South Africa and Scandinavia.
We also focus on the following outcomes:
  • to support and empower young mothers to become entrepreneurs.
  • to help young mothers build a strong resume with which they can obtain bursaries to study further at the University.
  • To help young mothers get accepted to programmes such as ‘Emerging Creatives’, offered by the Department of Art and Culture and Design Indaba.
Role models
CreativityWorks supports and empowers young mothers to find the strength and the tools to guide other young girls and help prevent teenage pregnancy.
The young mothers know and understand the problems and challenges girls in Grabouw face because they have lived them.
We therefore do not only encourage but also empower them to act as guides and role models for the young women in the local community. Through the support from the programme they can therefore help prevent teenage pregnancy in the area.
Pattern breakers

It can be difficult for girls and young women in Grabouw to picture a future without poverty where they are not depending on their family or a man to take care of them financially.
By giving them an education in craftmanship we can help them break free from the poverty and these patterns of dependency– and enable them not only to create a better future for themselves but also to become positive role models for their children.