We appreciate good ideas and suggestions pertaining to our organization and are always in need of assistance – be it concerning the promotion of our work via news letters, translation from Danish to English or practical but important functions like assisting in bookkeeping and accounting.
Maybe you have a degree in graphic design and work for a private company – but are able to spend your free time working for us on specific short-term projects or tasks?

Or you would like to contribute as a ‘guest author’ who writes texts or blog posts on various topics, e.g. fashion, CSR, trends in arts and development etc.
Such efforts are always appreciated providing that they are relevant to our members and the overall objectives of the organisation.
Send us an email and mark it: Volunteer

What is expected of a volunteer working for us?

As a volunteer for Nordic Designers’ Aid you have the opportunity to take on interesting and meaningful tasks. But should you wish to get involved in the actual running of the organisation it implies certain requirements from you.

- You have to be able to put in at least 5 hours a month.

- You must be interested in staying for a longer period of time, minimum 1 year.

Even though we are very grateful for all the help we can get, it demands a lot from us to integrate a new volunteer in the organisation – which is why we need to have requirements as well. Especially if you would like to involve yourself in the day-to-day running, such as project development, fundraising and internal communication.

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