Vision & mission


Our vision is to create a better future for children and youth, especially teenage mothers and their children, through creative and educational programmes and initiatives.


Our mission is to develop and support creative programmes for children, youth and teenage mothers through collaborations with Danish designers, creative and educational institutions and Culture and Art organisations in South Africa and Scandinavia.


The work of NDA is based on the following values:
Independence and participation
We believe – from a solidarity perspective – that independence, ownership and taking action are keys for improving the lives of less privileged groups. We therefore support programmes and projects that place emphasis on involving the targetgroup in defining their own needs and solution strategies.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility
- We are focused on long-term solutions and to help the young people we support to become self-reliant in the long term.

– Our cooperation with Nordic designers is based on contributing to a more sustainable, fair and responsible textile production in the Nordic countries.
Within our own capacity, we seek the most sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.
Local cooperation and closeness
We believe in cooperation with local and municipal organizations in the areas where we work. This is one of the prerequisites for achieving sustainable and locally embedded projects that work and can make a real difference. We also believe that a good working relationship between the Nordic countries as well as the building of a design community  giving preferential treatment to vulnerable population groups can help make a positive difference in the Nordic region as well as in South Africa.
- We are determined to be known for our high ethical standards and our commitment to transparency reflects that value.

– Transparency and honesty are the cornerstones of our organization. We insist that our members and sponsors have full access to our financial records which allows them to see how we use our financial resources and examine the underlying decision processes.
– NDA’s financial statements, objectives and targets, board structure and the criteria underlying the allocation of financial resources will always be fully available for members and sponsors.