We support

Nordic Designers Aid support projects in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

Our target group is children and youth, especially teenage mothers, living in poverty in the rural areas of South Africa.

We believe that education is the best way to fight poverty and to create lasting change for our target group. We also believe that creative and artistic processes can be central in terms of creating social and economic development for people living in poverty.
Therefore we support local projects using art and creativity as important tools in the development work and also invest in youth’s economic potential through skills learning within the creative industry – giving them the ability to become their own agents of change. This does not only enable them to become pattern breakers but also to act as rolemodels and pioneers of their generation.

Our programmes have been developed after our founder’s many travels to South Africa and in close cooperation with our local partners.

Maria Liv has done local research and volunteer work in South Africa since 2008, listening to the actual needs of the people living in our target area. She has met up with more than 30 local organizations during the years, learning from their experience and models for change. The development of our programs is therefore based on local advice and research.