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Eva & Claudi is a brand that exists for strong-willed women with an aesthetic sense who deal with the nature of art, beauty, and taste. The designers Eva Ingemar and Pia Claudi met each other at the Design School Kolding, and decided to combine their love for color, knitting and patterns into a joint brand shortly after receiving their degrees. Today the brand is well known for its quality, exclusive materials and a colorful design that challenges and excites the senses. Their goal is to dress women in a way that enhances their personal attractiveness – helping them to influence others. They cover all details related to the manufacturing – ranging from custom-made buttons and ribbons to their own print, which is a big part of Eva & Claudi’s fingerprints. Shops from Japan to USA sell the products and in Europe you can find Eva & Claudi in more than 400 high-end shops. In 2014 the designers opened the doors to their first Flagship store in Denmark, located in Jutland.

What is your motivation for joining NDA?
Overproduction is a problem that’s very hard to avoid. It feels meaningless to destroy the clothes so we-re always sought other options. NDA is ideal in this regard because the money goes to something we’d like to support and because we have faith in the project. Meanwhile, because we’re also a member of the Global Compact we constantly have to improve our CSR profile and NDA can help us do that. The fact that we can also help one of the most vulnerable groups in South Africa makes supporting the project even more attractive to us.

Do Scandinavian Culture and trends inspire you in your designs?
Scandinavia is known for high quality and good design – naturally, that’s something we’d like to live up to.

What inspires you?
I think I’m simply ”on the job” subconsciously all the time. So anything from minor, unexpected things to grand experiences can inspire. If I’m deliberately seeking out inspiration I do so at art exhibitions and from other designers.

Who is your typical customer?
Women with the desire and courage to be visible – who are interested in art, culture, architecture, design etc.

Name three things that make the world a better and more beautiful place according to you.
Love, freedom, and family cohesion.

Name three things that the world would be better without.
War, pollution, and hunger.


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