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Vibe Johansson designs geometric garments interacting seamlessly with our anatomy. Defiant yet controlled, each piece underlines a desire for effeminate expressions and lasting elegant composure. She researches the female silhouette, challenging simplicity through innovation. Muted lines, colors and fabrics are subjected to the premises of functionality, a functionality expressed here in the versatility of wardrobe essentials. Danish born Vibe Johansson studied Fashion Design at Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy, followed by Design Technology in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vibe Johansson presented her first official women’s collection in the fall of 2008. In 2010 Vibe Johansson was nominated to the Max Factor New Talent Award. Today the brand is available in selected stores worldwide, mainly in Europe, the States and Asia.

What motivated you to join NDA?
It was, among other things, NDA’s focus on sustainable fashion. In my own production I focus a lot on sustainability by creating garment that is multifunctional, for example items that can be turned around – such as tunics you can wear upside down. I design with duality in mind – depending on the styling. It’s everyday wear which can be worn as evening wear.
By creating something that is a bit longer lasting, and not thinking too much about seasonal trends my goal is to move away from the ‘use and throw away’ culture, which permeate a big part of the fashion industry today.

Are you own designs inspired by Scandinavian culture and trends?
Even though I try to challenge it and rethink the concept in each collection, Scandinavian roots and the Scandinavian aspect are still huge parts of my brand identity. This is expressed through simplicity and the quite conservative idea of things being wearable and useful. To me, my brand combines the best qualities from Scandinavian minimalism and the more deconstructed dark worlds of irreverent Japanese and Antwerp designers. Dark and gloomy meets clean and modern.

What else inspires you?
Influences and inspiration come from all places. I don’t have a muse or specific source of inspiration that I can pinpoint, instead I work very much from my own intuition and by experimenting with the fabrics and patterns.
Otherwise I try to travel a lot and read books and interact with people outside of the fashion world, to get new inspiration and inputs. I have worked and lived in Italy and Japan and find inspiration from postmodern side of Japanese style, as well as deconstructive architecture and design.

Who is your typical customer?
I don’t have a specific character in mind while designing – however I believe my clients are strong urban woman, who aren’t afraid of a little edge. I have clients ranging from their twenties, all the way up to their seventies, which I think is amazing!

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