Visiting SOS Children Villages’ outreach program in Langa, Cape Town.

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Last week I spent 4 days at the SOS Children’s Villages in Cape Town.
Charles Mitchell, the Family Strengthening Programme Coordinator, gave me a very good introduction to the work that SOS is doing in the urban area Langa, situated 10 kilometers outside the city centre of Cape Town.

Langa housing

Together with him and the two FSP Childcare Workers, Bongiwe and Nokuthula, I had a chance to do homevisits in the local area, and interview families about the needs of the children and youth in Langa. Another good experience was visits to the local Primary School and High School, where Charles introduced me to the teachers working closely together with SOS. Teachers Johanna Tshaka and Xoliswa Nkunzi focus especially on children and youth from broken families in Langa, having problems coping at school. During interviews with these teachers, I realized that there is a big and urgent need to help young girls falling pregnant, some of them only 12 years old. At this point there are no programs in Langa focusing on this group in particular. And as Charles told me – this is also the case in many of the other urban areas around Cape Town. My work with SOS has therefore only confirmed me in my belief that NDA should focus on this target group.

SOS themselves are doing an amazing job for the child-headed households in Langa – and following them for 4 days has given me a good insight into which strategies and guidelines, NDA needs, to start up a program focusing on this target group.

Bongiwe, Xoliswa, Charles and Nokuthula at the Langa Office

Empowering the local community - visiting an educational artproject in Langa

Socialworker students Denise and Marije at the Langa office

A big thank you to SOS Children’s Villages, Cape Town:
Nandisa Sigwili (CYDC)
Charles Mitchell (FSPC)
Bongiwe Mzuka (FSP CCW)
Nokuthula Mehlomakhulu (FSP CCW)
Xoliswa Matini (FSPA).


I sidste uge tilbragte jeg 4 dage hos SOS Børnebyerne i Cape Town.
Koordinatoren Charles Mitchell, som arbejder med SOS’s FSP program (Family Strengthening Programme) i byområdet Langa, viste mig rundt og gav mig mulighed for at deltage i deres arbejde.
De fire dage hos SOS har været meget informative og givende. Jeg fik mulighed for at besøge skoler, gymnasier, børnehaver, lokale kunstnerprojekter – og samtidig fik jeg interviewet 5 lokale familier omkring familier og børn og unges behov i Langa.
Samtidig blev jeg, gennem interviews på den lokale skole, bestyrket i min formodning om, at der er et kæmpe behov for at hjælpe helt unge piger, som bliver gravide. På nuværende tidspunkt er der ikke et program for denne målgruppe i Langa, og Charles fortalte, at det er det samme i mange af de andre fattige byområder udenfor Cape Town.
SOS selv fokuserer heller ikke på denne gruppe specifikt, men gør til gengæld et fantastisk stykke arbejde for børn, der bor alene uden en voksen. Muligheden for at få indblik i deres arbejde, har derfor givet mig masser af inspiration til NDA’s videre arbejde.

Derfor en kæmpe tak til SOS børnebyerne for al deres tid og hjælp.

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