Design Indaba in Cape Town!

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Are you in Cape Town this week? We suggest visiting Design Indaba.


Design Indaba inspires and empowers people to create a better future through design and creativity.
Design Indaba has become a respected institution on the global creative landscape, based on the foundation of their annual Festival that has attracted and showcased the world’s brightest talent since 1995

The focus is African and global creativity, through the lens of the work and ideas of leading thinkers and doers, opinion formers, trendsetters and industry experts.

In conjunction with Design Indaba’s foray into Africa at the 2014 Expo with the Africa is Now exhibition, has taken on the endeavour to become the leading voice on African design, creativity and innovation.

Through they endeavour to inspire and empower their global audience to use creativity to build a better world.
They have an activist orientation and not just a journalistic focus. They use their platform as a driver of change and to harness design and innovation to serve people.

They feature design for the 99% – with particular emphasis on creativity from Africa – and design that’s linked to improving the quality of life.

As a brand they champion the notion that creativity and design have the power to fuel an economic revolution not only in South Africa, but globally. For 20 years, they have scoured the globe partnering with designers that personify this notion and are the leading innovators in their respective fields. Sharing the knowledge they have gained and connections they have made has become their full-time pursuit.

NDA is in Cape Town and will meet with people who take part in the event.

At the conference there will be a chance to meet upcoming designs and listen to speakers from all over the world. Speakers with a focus on a sustainable and green world.

You can for example meet Carmen Hijosa from Ananas Anam, who has developed Piñatex. An environmentally friendly textile made from the fibres of pineapple leaves.

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