It’s very important for our work both in Denmark and South Africa , there are members who want to support us :

• support from you, means that we can continue to be a society in development. Although we all are unpaid , we have monthly expenses to be covered , if the corporation must pass .
• grassroots involvement and commitment is not only to give us the spirit to continue , it is also essential for major funds and sponsors believe in the NDA.
• As an organization , we need to include to have 300 paid members to be deductible as an organization when people donate money to us .

It costs only 200 DKK per year to be a member of the NDA. A small amount means a lot to us !

As a member you will receive our newsletter three times a year with updates about our work. This means that you can always keep up to date with what your money is spent.

At the same time a membership you vote at our annual general meeting.

You can read more about what your money will go to in the next year here

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