South Africa

South Africa is a lot more than a story about poverty, violence and growing inequality. It is also a story about a colorful nation with creative and innovative ideas and solutions for the future.
At the moment South Africa and the African continent is part of a growing media image telling the story of a new and creative African revolution. New stories emerge constantly of creative entrepreneurs, designers and artists waiting to take over the world.
It is a story and a development, however not completely new, which is important to tell. South Africa and the South Africans need to show to the rest of the world and to themselves that they are not only defined by poverty, corruption and financial and social inequality.
It is also a story that we would like to contribute to in Nordic Designers Aid. We believe that design, art and creativity are powerful tools with which to engage communities in various levels of positive change.
But we also believe that real efforts need to be made to assure that the poor part of the population is not written out of the story.
An important goal with our future work in South Africa is therefore to support young South Africans from the poorest parts of the country, so they can take part in and have an impact on the creative development.