The team

Nordic Designers Aid’s main office is based in Copenhagen, but our team is located in both Denmark and South Africa.
Nordic Designers Aid
Global Platform / Fælledvej 12
2200 Nørrebro, Copenhagen


Project coordinator and daily leader / Denmark

Maria Liv Claudi Pedersen
Mobile: +45 27286271
Anthropologist and founder of Nordic Designers Aid and Crafting Hope
Maria Liv oversees the day-to-day running of the organisation. She is responsible for fundraising as well as partnerships with designers and schools, and the coordination of the volunteer group.
In South Africa she is actively involved in the development of the civil society programs and the running of the local partner Crafting Hope.
Coordinator of the Fashion Fundraiser / South Africa
Stephan Olivier
Stephan is the coordinator of the Fashion Fundraiser in South Africa. He is overseeing that everything runs smoothly during our events.
Stephan also works with the volunteers as well as the few employees who help during the Fashion Fundraiser.
Planner of the Fashion Fundraiser / South Africa
Didie Theron
Didie is responsible for all the planning that goes ahead of the Fashion Fundraiser. She makes sure that the clothes is unpacked and ready, that transport is arranged and volunteers and the few staff taken care of. She also visits the venue together with Stephan and works alongside him during the events.
Didie also works with the volunteers as well as the few employees who help during the Fashion Fundraiser.


Nordic Designers Aid has a strong network of volunteers helping with the Fashion Fundraiser, based in both Denmark and South Africa.
The volunteers in Denmark coordinate the collection of clothes from Danish designers as well as make sure that the clothes are ready for shipment to South Africa. 
In the Western Province of South Africa a dedicated volunteer team help us host our Fashion Fundraisers, where we sell the clothes and raise funds for ‘The Girl Game Changer’.
Are you interested in volunteering in Denmark or South Africa, click here
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