Flora D

flora-d-logoFlora D is a new Danish company designing accessories. Flora D designs scarfs and bags with
motives from the Danish cultural heritage Flora Danica.

Flora D challenges the traditional flower motif in an innovative and creative way, with high respect for the original illustrations. All flowers designed for the Flora D products are from Flora Danica, and are the only illustrations allowed to be used. This has resulted in a range of feminine products with a modern design, with respect for the classic and timeless Flora Danica prints.


About the Danish cultural heritage Flora Danica:
In 1790, in the midst of the era called “the Golden Age of porcelain” Royal Copenhagen Porcelain
Manufactory began to produce a very special porcelain service. It is said that is was commissioned
by the Danish King, Christian VII. Today it belongs to H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
The service’s name and decorations stem from the botanical work Flora Danica whose 51 volumes
and total of 3.060 colored copper prints were issued in the period 1761-1883. Thus, the porcelain’s
decoration became detailed botanical studies. To this day the decorations are hand-painted from the
old copper-prints which lie on the porcelain painter’s table just as they did 200 years ago