ganni-logoGanni is a Danish fashion brand founded in Copenhagen in 2000.
The company started out producing basic T-shirts and cashmere knitwear in high quality and has since then developed into a wide-ranging fashion brand with a strong focus on design and creativity.Ganni annually designs four ‘ready-to-wear’ collections and a ‘never-out-of-stock’ collection plus shoes, bags and lingerie. Their collections are presented at the Danish Fashion week in Copenhagen twice a year and their clothing sold in Europe, Japan and North America.
The company is based in Copenhagen and has 15 stores located in different parts of Denmark, Germany and Norway as well as a webshop distributing to 13 countries.Ganni has achieved a unique position as one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the premium segment. In 2014 they were chosen as ‘Brand of the Year’ by the Danish fashion magazine ELLE and in 2015 they were awarded the prize ‘Guldknappen’ by the Danish fashion magazine ‘Alt for Damerne’.

Interview med Ganni

– What’s your motivation for joining NDA?
First of all it is a very sympathetic project that we are happy to support. Besides from that the vision of NDA in relation to sustainability correlates perfectly with ours. We wish to ensure that our products have as long a life cycle as possible, a commitment that we can maintain through our participation in the project.

– Name three values which are important to Ganni?
Authenticity, quality and awareness

– Where does Ganni find inspiration?
We find inspiration everywhere, from different cultures, music and film. But we are also inspired by the girls of Copenhagen and their cool and laid back style.

– Who is your typical customer?
We have a broad customer base and women of all ages buy Ganni and like our designs. It is difficult to describe our typical customer without resorting to the use of cliches, but the majority of our customers are style conscious women from 18-35 years.