MarMar Copenhagen, established in 2008, is a Danish children’s fashion brand, with clothes for boys and girls from newborn to 16 years old and a special collection for women.
MarMar Copenhagen is defined by sophisticated classic luxury, cool quirky details, best possible quality and functionality. The collections are inspired by old books, movies and photos, and throughout the new collections, you will also find hints of circus as always.

MarMar Copenhagen cares about the environment and takes an active role in reducing its environmental foot-print from the production of clothes. Consequently , most of the clothes are made of OEKO-TEX certified textiles.

MarMar founder Marlene Anine Holmboe is an accomplished clothes designer. After studying fashion at the Danish Design College, she proceeded to design children’s wear for numerous brands. After that, the founding of MarMar Copenhagen came naturally. Marlene is also the mother of three children.

Interview with Marlene from MarMar Copenhagen

Imaging by The Color Club -

-What motivated you to join NDA?
For me it is important that we treat the world around us with respect – and that we make sure to give more than we take. In relation to our environment and also generally in all aspects of life. This is a personal mantra both for me and for MarMar Copenhagen.
It is also an important reason that we, through NDA, can make sure that the donations reach the right people and places. That they actually help make a positive difference for people and communities who need it.

-Name three things that make the world a better and more beautiful place according to you.
MarMar Copenhagen is a sophisticated and classic luxury brand with a funky edge. Quality, functionality and timeless design is what we stand for.

-Are you inspired by Scandinavian trends and culture?
We love the aesthetic and focus on functionality in Scandinavian design, and growing up here, also makes it a part of my DNA. I am mostly inspired by old books, films and photographies.

-Who is your typical customer?
They are amazing people who cherish good design, functionality and very good quality.