Moshi Moshi Mind

Stine Grouleff Skjoldborg and Rikke Rasmussen are the designers behind the Danish brand moshi moshi mind (pronounced “mu-shi mu-shi mind”).

The brand was established in 2006 and today the designers have several succesful boutiques all over Denmark.

The designers believe in clever fashion ahead of fast fashion and focus on simplicity, soft and comfortable qualities and wellbeing.

In a world of constant movement the vision of moshi moshi mind is to inspire to slow shopping and timeless design. A break from the stress of everyday life and a universe that allows women a chance to breathe and find inspiration for a better and more balanced life.

Interview with moshi moshi mind

– What motivated you to support NDA?
We constantly try to incorporate sustainability practises into our brand strategy, – but we also believe that one can always do better. The collaboration with NDA is a great opportunity for us to do just that.

– Name three values that are important to moshi moshi mind as a brand.
Multifunctional clothes
Multifunctionality is one of our key values. All styles have been through the same proces where we carefully consider the use of each item. As a moshi moshi mind customer you must be able to wear an item in many different ways; or in other words a lot of different looks can be created with one item.
This is also a way for us to oppose the fast fashion trend which is very environmentally unsustainable.
And last but not least, multifunctionality makes it easier for our customers to make use of our clothes in their everyday lives.

No seasons
We do not follow the concept of fashion seasons. We make new products when we see that there is a need for it. This also means that we are careful not to overproduce our styles and that we take responsibility to create less waste within our supply chain.

Clever Fashion
Clever Fashion is a recurring motif in our universe. This is expressed in our brand from drawing board to finished product in the store. It is important for us that our customers can rest assured that we work actively to contribute in a postive and sustainable way to the fashion industry and the world at large.

– Are you inspired by Scandinavian culture and trends in your designs?
Yes, most definitely. Our universe and our philosophy emanates from a desire to contribute to a Nordic way of living; a mellow modern life.

– Describe your typical customer
Our typical customer is a woman who needs a break from her everyday life and enjoys a Nordic, classic style. Our customers are all ages, types and sizes and they are all welcome!
We have learned that when you become a part of our universe you tend to stay – as our values make a lot of sense for the modern day woman.