Nümph is the result of 8 women’s dream to create a brand from scratch, which is different and stronger simply because nümph sums up the experiences and creativity of all the designers: cutting edge, twisted, feminine and rough, vulnerable and strong.The designers say about their brand: “What we do today, is indeed our dream come true: we are free to design our ideal type of clothes – there are no limitations. Experimenting with shapes, details and print is the sum of our individual experiences. Driven by will and the desire to create those favourite and indispensable items that simply last time and again – this is our passion.”

Interview with nümph

-What motivated nümph to become a part of NDA?
NDA has a profile and a philosophy which correspond the core values in our company and the individual brand profiles. We have on earlier occasions participated in similar projects which match our identity and what we stand for.

-Name three values which are important
Humour, art and imagination.

-Are you inspired by Scandinavian culture and trends in your designs?
Yes, with an international twist.

-What else inspires you?
Art, travels, music, nature and people.

-Who is your typical customer?
The nümph girl has no age. She is positive and full of imagination.