Vision and Mission

We are currently fundraising for this program through the Fashion Fundraisers and will launch it when we have funding for a minimum of one year, to assure the accountability of the program.

The girls are inspired to identify social and environmental needs in their communities and come up with possible solutions.

They will present their game-changing initiatives and be supported through think-tanks, life skills training and the implementation of campaigns. Our group of leaders can recruit other girls to work on their campaigns, and in this way we include the quiet leaders of our community which prefer to work behind the scenes.

The four steps of the program

Step one
The first step would be facilitating identification of social issues through a process of listening, seeing and reflecting this in an art piece.


Step two
The second step would be facilitating a “think-tank” brainstorm on how to create solutions, and giving the girls research to do in their respective ‘solutions’ to find out what worked and what didn’t


We will organize excursions to projects which are already experiencing success and who work with community involvement and social change
The Ecobrick project

The bin project at Grabouw Beautiful Campaign
Soil for life


Step three
The third step would be to facilitate a discussion and evaluate the ‘solutions’.

This is where the life-skills transferring will come into play through facilitating questions which develops critical thinking, effective communication, leadership styles, collaboration on projects, and the personal stuff which will emerge in group dynamics.


Step four
The forth step would be Implementation of the campaign

Here, it would be helpful to ask campaign managers, or project managers in corporate or experts in the respective fields of the girls chosen campaign to volunteer their time through educational sessions, and advice.


Essentially, the girls will be identifying, and creating their own campaigns and we will be responsible for the facilitation thereof.