Waste in the clothing sector

Our partnership with the fashion-industry

Each year a large amount of high fashion designs coming straight from the factories end up not being sold. Either because of excess production or due to minor manufacturing failures.
After the clothes has been through the first factory outlets the designers are left with few opportunities to make use of or sell the clothes.
As opposed to what one might think the clothes does not end up in second hand stores. It can damage the reputation as well as competitiveness of companies if their previous collections are sold cheaply in local thrift stores.
This means that surplus stock and sample collections often end up in a warehouse collecting dust on the shelves – or, in worst case scenario, is thrown on the dump.

This is a serious problem considering the important goal of establishing sustainable and socially responsible businesses in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia.
By teaming up with us the designers get the possibility to use their unsold garments for a good cause.
We bring the surplus clothes to South Africa and sell it, representing the project and the designers. We believe that it makes better sense to convert the clothes to money for programmes that empower and develop instead of giving it directly to the people in need.

Goal: financial sustainability

As an NGO we will always be dependent on companies and people supporting us and working together with us to create a change. While our sponsors, members and partners is the glue that keeps everything together, we contribute with as much as we can. Being able to accumulate our own money makes us less vulnerable and more financially sustainable in the future.
To reach this goal we rely on the social economy model – a business strategy which puts people before profits. This means, in short, that we make money from selling goods and services in the open market, but reinvest the entire profit back into the development projects and the communities we strive to uplift.