NDA at the concluding ‘Debate Caravan’ – discussing Danish Development Aid

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NDA joined the concluding ’Debate Caravan’ about Danish Development Aid in the DR City last Tuesday.
The ’Debate Caravan’ has been travelling through 10 Danish cities in the last two months, discussing Danish Development Aid.
This has happened around the same time as the government has announced that it might cut down on the Danish Development Aid by 2.5 billion DKK.

65% of the Danish population believe that it’s a good idea to help people living in poverty – but 70% of those people feel that they know too little about what happens when the money actually reach their destination. At the ‘Debate Caravan’ NGO’s and institutions working in development countries worked hard to clarify this and to advocate against the cut down of funds.

Several politicians and NGO’s were taking part in the debate – where an important subject of the evening was basic human rights.

The fight for improved human rights is an important one in NDA’s own work to create social progress, a stable everyday life and a better future for girls and teenage mothers in South Africa. We believe in the right to education, a woman’s right to be free from violence and sexual abuse and her right to control her own body.

The host of the evening, Anders Lund Madsen, hands the poster with the final recommendations from the ‘Debate Caravan’ to the Minister of Trade and Development Mogens Jensen.10847947_810503718992119_4829118697874991348_n

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